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About This Blog – Please Join Me

The purpose of this blog is to give you deeper insight into who I am. I write helpful, informative and sometimes inspiring short articles to educate you, help you understand key concepts in Law of Attraction and deliberating the life and career of your dreams.

!!! Please join me in my journey to help you thrive and prosper by sharing your comments, thoughts and ideas !!!

About Cora Whittington

My name is Cora Whittington, I work with emerging and experienced leaders who want to create a positive change in their world.  I’ve been helping people since I was born (oldest child of 8 children born in 11 years)  I love learning and seeking leading edge thought and taking people beyond where they imagined.  I love all of aspects of my life and life has brought me here.

* B.A.Sc. University of Guelph

* Certified WaveMaker and Core Dynamics Coach

* Development of the Quintessential Leadership Program

*Certified Prosperity Partnership Guide

* Insights Discovery Facilitator

* Plus too many other certifications to mention. 

About Golden Pathways Coaching

Golden Pathways Coaching guides people who want to create a change in their life and their results.  I help you become clear and strategic about what you want, create inspiring intentions, eliminate limiting beliefs and fears and attract what you want to succeed.  If you want to learn more about this unique and powerful process, you can get my free report 12 Things That Are Blocking Your Success and What How to Overcome Them at www.goldenpathways.ca

We also have a beautiful and peaceful retreat and meeting space.  You can see the beauty of this rare gem in space at www.goldenpathwaysbb.com.  Whether you want to bring yourself for personal development, your family for a holiday,  your team for transformation or calling me on the end of a phone, there is one thing I will guarantee – You will leave calmer and clearer.  Who could ask for anything more? 🙂

If you would like to see more information on my coaching services or our beautiful retreat check out these websites:

Leadership and Life Coaching

Golden Pathways Retreat and B&B

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