Are You Asking For Testimonials?

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It is important to ask for testimonials to capture tangible  results and for yourself and your marketing.  Cathy gave me some great verbal feedback at the end of our 6-month coaching experience.  I asked her if she would put it in writing to share with others. Unless you ask, you may never know what effect your work or product has for people.  I just expected a line or two but appreciatively received the following:

One of the most intelligent financial investments
“I have been working with Cora for about 6 months, and I have to say it is without a doubt one of the most intelligent financial investments I have ever made.

I am an experienced coach and fully understand how many layers can be blocking us from doing the things we desire to accomplish and experience, yet I have still been quite amazed at all the issues that were in my way of taking my career and life where I want it to go.

Wow! The GREAT news is that every time I have worked with Cora, when we complete a session it feels like a HUGE relief to be free of previous constraints.

Cora has done an outstanding job of assisting me to untangle myself from webs of mental and emotional material. When I first started working with Cora, I was aware that I was projecting my mother onto her. I also felt like I could tell Cora and I am so glad I did because she was fine with it. She helped me to move through the ‘mom’ issues. That happened during the first three sessions and has never come up again. I can present anything to Cora and she is able to work effectively with me free of personal judgments or predisposed opinions. This has given me the safety and freedom to be genuine with her, and together we have moved me through soooo much that I am now free of.

My bottom line results are that I have finally started doing some of the things I so desperately desired to do and recognized that I was qualified and perfectly capable of doing, BUT I had been so stuck and disempowered by my ‘stuff’.

I am now opening up to my NATURAL ability to do these things.

It has been fun and inspiring, and feedback has been awesome!

I have recently completed my initial 6-month package with Cora, and I am going to continue working with her. Why? Because my results have been outstanding, and better yet I recognize I am barely opening to all that is possible for me. I want to keep right on going in behalf of my self and everyone!

ALL great coaches and leaders, have their own personal coaches. If you want to step into more of your own personal power and leadership qualities, Cora can definitely be an invaluable asset and partner with and for you upon your journey.

Abundant blessings to all who wish to discover what is possible.”

Cathy Cole, Transformation Coach at Innate Insight, Fort Collins, CO

Be sure to ask for testimonials.

Cora Whittington

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