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A number of people sent me a note and said that they would love to attend the Leveraging Feedback and Masterful Questions course but the time line is too short.

So we moved it ahead to November 18 and 19th, 2010.

Being able to give and receive feedback in a way so that people are inspired to improve rather than be discouraged is an art.

How do you give feedback in a way that it is accepted and even desired? How can you receive feedback (even if it is critical) and do something positive with it? How do you figure out what the real issue is?

These are just a few of the things that we will be learning in a fun way.

Over the next few weeks I will be sending some articles that will expand on these skills.  Look for the first one on “Being Unhookable”

Wishing you a wonder-filled day,


Overcoming “Reality” With Presence

Last night I had the privilege of attending a private open house of the new Crossroads Safehaven for Abused Woman.

As I toured the facility, we were told that the windows were bullet-proof and the steel shutters come down for a lock-down when necessary.  I naively asked how often that would be thinking maybe 2 or 3 times a year and was told that it could be weekly.  She told us that gangs are moving into town and it may not be just one angry person that is on the doorstep. The fund raising team had the WHY but they had more than that.

I couldn’t help but admire the vision, hutzpah and commitment of the leaders. Throughout the campaign they seemed to be free of victim or needy energy. They raised over 4 million dollars in a tough economy and a town where were several large fund raising ventures were active. There were huge roadblocks and listening to the stories and the gambles that the board and staff took to pull this off is amazing.

I have known the Executive Director Lynn Zimmer for many years and have always noticed her presence.  Presence is hard to describe but for me it is a feeling of confidence, hope and possibility that I get when she talks. The words may help but it is the feeling that has to be congruent.  Lots of people use the words and you don’t get the essence of presence.

The thesaurus uses words like dignity, charisma, aura, authority, poise to describe presence.

In the 9 agilities of a Q leader, presence is an ability to spontaneously respond to the needs of the moment with the fullness of being. It is to be unhookable with a presence of ease and grace. It is to be unhookable by the pull of reality.

Last night I noticed that many members of the team attracted to this project had presence. Like attracts like.  That made a huge vortex of positive energy that people wanted to be part of.  And the impossible became possible.

What is your presence like?

The cool thing about applying quantum theory to presence, is that when you change one energy system in the field everything changes.  And that initial change can be you. After all it is the only thing that you can change 🙂

If you would like to explore what inhibitors may be keeping you from relating from presence, send me an email with a couple of available times and we will set up a complimentary session to discover how you can increase your presence.

Congrats again to the Crossroads Safehaven Campaign and if you still want to help ~ Lynn says there is a list of things they still need at

I would also love your comments or experience with presence. Please leave them below.

You Never Know Who is Going To Come…

Fruit in a martini glass at Golden Pathways Retreat and B&B

Fruit in a martini glass at Golden Pathways Retreat and B&B

The July 1st weekend was busy at Golden Pathways Retreat and B&B.  And as usual I enjoyed meeting the wonderful people. I am just busy doing my “thing”.  Getting to know people and  making a lovely presentation of breakfast are two things that I enjoy.

You can imagine my surprise when one of the guests told me that she was a tourism and travel writer.

Here is the link to her photo journal of our place and the City of Peterborough.

The photos are amazing – just start the slide show and enjoy! And it is very interesting to see how and what a visitor notices when they come to our area.  It makes you want to stop and enjoy the details and the view much more.

Whether you are local or from afar – this slide show will lift your spirits.


Serenity at Golden Pathways Retreat and B&B

Serenity at Golden Pathways Retreat and B&B

Sometimes after a coaching session I offer a deck of inspirational cards for the client to pick one.

Often it is almost creepy how accurate and poignant the message is in relation to the topic that we discussed.

This card has come up a few times in the last while so I thought I would share it with you in hopes of it giving you a message as well.

I took this photo on our property and thought it was appropriate to include.



Serenity bestows inner peace, tranquility and calmness of mind.

When you feel serene, you are your own person, for nothing and no one can bother, upset or influence you.

You are like a calm, clear lake – beautiful and peaceful to be with.

Your quiet radiance brings hope and support to those who come from within your aura.

You attract respect and love from others, for all are calmed by you.

As you become deeply serene and still you connect to the higher powers of the Universe for divine guidance and your path in the life becomes smooth and flowing.

Quietly ask you angel to hold you in serenity.


I am serene and still.


There are a couple of seats left in the workshop this weekend – or watch Michael Stratford on You Tube We would love to have you.

99 Years of Marriage

35thAOn June 7th, David and I were married 35 years.

Last Monday we invited our maid of honour (my sister Adrianna and Peter) and our best man (Murray and Sandy) for a romantic getaway at the Sir William Mackenzie Inn in Kirkfield. It is a lovely place steeped in history.

Adrianna and Peter are married 30 years in July and Murray and Sandra are married 34 years in October – hence the 99 years of marriage among the 6 of us!

Our kids (28-30-32)  made us a basket of memories with songs, news, technology, prices of 1975  that we opened at the inn.  The most touching was a list of 35 Things That Stand Out During Our Part of Your Last 35 Years.

They listed their memories. Here are few items from the list:

  • Supper in the field with dad
  • Family meetings
  • Orange couch and floor (definitely the early 80’s 🙂 )
  • Putting wood in the basement
  • Barn Reno’s (parties at the Whittington’s)
  • Tongue twisters – Animals of North America
  • Height measurements in the doorway
  • Sam, Gerty and Jan – our first cows
  • If you are going to HOOT with the Owls at night you can SING with the birds in the morning
  • Our first Car – the moving couch, then the Unbird, chanting “Daddy’s keys, Daddy’s car”
  • Identifying tree and leaf types
  • Building the cabin in the woods
  • 4-H Calves: Dacor, Cinnamon, Ambria, Amber, Canadian
  • Annual first day of school picture with our tree (we planted a blue spruce when each child was born)
  • Sunday picnics at the river
  • Playing games as a family

They ended with “Thank you for teaching us the importance of family. We will remember all of these times and lessons as we begin to start our own.”

David and I are blessed – with our children, each other and now our grandchildren.

Thanks kids for reminding us all that it is the little things that are part of everyday life that  make a difference.  The list was not full of gifts and expensive holidays – it was more about everyday  living and being who we are. A good reminder for all of us.

They Painted the Town Pink

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Dragon Boat Guest WOW – What a weekend for Peterborough!  2030 International Dragon Boat Paddlers brought a levity and a beautiful expression of support to each other and the City.

In this photo mother, daughter, mother and father in law, cousins and friends all came from the Chatham area to support Sue McEwan of Kelowna BC of the “Bustin Loose” paddling team. Sue is the 5th person from the left in the photo and her team came in 9th of 72 teams. Sue’s lovely mother and in-laws spent the last three days with us at the B&B.

Everywhere you go, people are raving about the Dragon Boat competitors and the competitors are raving about the people of Peterborough.

There were moments of intense fun and humour and poignant emotion especially when the doves were released and the pink carnations were dropped in the water as remembrance those who have passed.

Peterborough overcame adversity – an example – they served a 2030 people in a gala event without the use of a convention centre (we don’t have one) They transformed two ice pads into an amazing experience.  People could not belief that they were ice rinks! The committee coordinated chefs in kitchens (eg the Canoe Museum) all over the city to have food arrive hot at the same time.  And I hear that they more than exceeded expectations.

The paddlers have overcome adversity – they  have all survived breast cancer.  Their humour, connection and their joy was infectious.

One of the core dynamics is over-reacting to circumstances and the absence is our ability to maintain a strong sense of who we are under extreme circumstances.  And that includes the experience of pleasure or pain.

Thanks to the hosts and guests that modeled this for us this weekend.

Clear Your Fear

Are you afraid of your brilliance?

I have to be honest.  I am.

Or I was…

One of the benefits of being a coach mentor in the coach school that I was trained in is … (this means I coach three new coaches every session)

Is that I can partake in the advanced coach training sessions and I get to keep working on my stuff.

It is interesting how the last class we as a group stumbled on this and how many people had this fear,

It seemed that it was very common to have that fear in the pit of our gut and at the same time – a calling to do more, be more, take a risk.

I have talked to several people who have great ideas bubbling inside of them – even inspite of themselves.

Fear is soooo paralyzing and soooo easy to clear when you use the Pure Awareness techniques.

When the fear is gone, then your intuition, your clarity and your wisdom can kick in.

If you need a little help…

Consider attending this Plrkshop! (where it will be fun and safe to clear your fear!)

Watch this video

Or give me a call 705-745-4006

Clear the fear,


“I Win Things”

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I win things.  Do you?

Over the years I have won many things – it started with a trip to Mexico 30 years ago.

My husband bought the ticket and put my name on it.  I didn’t even know that he bought it.

Since I didn’t know about it – I had no resistance to it.

I have won trade show booths valued at $750, 50-50 draws, gift certificates and lots more.

I have my mind set to win things.  I don’t count on it.  I am just curious to see where and what will show up!

Today I won a door prize at the Women in Business Awards luncheon.

It was a lovely silver bracelet.  A friend came over and that’s a Pandora Bracelet –

I had to be educated on this phenomena and appreciated that it is a concept like the old charm bracelets from my early years.

It disturbs me when I hear people say “I never win anything”

– because I know that Law of Attraction will kick in and give the prize to someone else 🙂

If you are going to believe something – you may as well make it go in your favour.

At this same luncheon, I talked to Diane who was in my Dream Board class a

couple of years ago and she was telling me how she came across it recently and couldn’t believe all the things that manifested!

Today, I also talked to Kim who was telling me how she got upgraded to First Class on her flight home,

saw the most beautiful sunset while flying and randomly heard KD Lang’s song “Haleluiah”

with tears streaming down her face with appreciation of the beautiful moment.

She too “wins things” and has this underlying belief.

I have decided to upgrade my “I win things” to “I win big things”

I can feel the resistance in my body when I say that – but I do know that eventually that will be gone

and I will be telling you about the “big things I am winning”.

Although if I think about it – like Kim I have won lots of big things already!

I’ll just be curious about when the next “big thing” will show up –

and I know it works best when I forget about it and just appreciate the wonder of my world.

With appreciation,


Are You Playing the Game That UR Built 4?

I would love to have you come play with us…

What You Focus On Expands

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Recently I listened to an Abraham CD that suggested a very provocative exercise.  They suggested that you think of two people – one you like and one that you don’t.

Then for the person you like – find several aspects that you don’t like and then for the person you don’t like – find several aspects that you do like.

Abraham suggests that as you continue to do this it won’t be long before you will change how you feel about each person.

You will start to dislike the person you liked. And you will start to like the person you disliked.

Tonight, I listened to Alex Mandossian’s business webinar and he suggested that we focus on Strengthening Strengths. He gave a powerful example which we can translate to all aspects of our career or business.

He said that when he goes to a teacher interview for his children, he asks “What are my child’s strengths?” and talks about these things for 20 minutes. The other things are talked about later.

He said that over the years he has noticed that the teachers then start focusing on the child’s strengths and the child feels so much better about themselves and doing better in school.

I have been teaching this concept for years – I have called it “What You Focus On Expands” – you can click on the following link and see my version of a shift in focus that can change your interpersonal relationships in your family and at work!

What You Focus On Expands Video

Love to hear what you think!

With warmest wishes,


PS: I only recommend that you only use the part of Abraham’s exercise that finds positive aspects of people 🙂

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