“Sometimes the cards life deals you are …

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“Sometimes the cards life deals you are …

the gift cards for the future.”

Tellman Knudson

Q logo 5 letterI recently coached two people with very similar problems.  As a result of life threatening health issues, they have discovered a new perspective that can really help people. In both cases, what they learned came from personal and tough health situations.  They researched, experimented and learned so much that they were able to heal what seemed to be impossible situations.

Now other people want to learn from them But they are afraid. And we couldn’t figure out why they couldn’t share what they had learned and experienced and worked for them. One of them has written a book and was paralyzed to move forward. Why not share what they know has worked with others? Especially when so many people were asking for help.

Then finally we discovered it. It was a quirky thought, but enough to stop them.

Since they took so much responsibility for their own life and healing – they thought that by sharing it – they would have to take responsibility for the people that took the advice.  And that was just too much pressure.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

When they realized that they were simply a facilitator (which means “to make easy”) or navigator of helpful information and that it was up to the person to take the responsibility and choose what they wanted to use or not – it was so freeing.

You will soon hear about these two people – they have broken f r e e of a limiting belief.

What is the quirky belief or thought that is keeping you stuck?

Life dealt you some cards – are you turning them into gift cards?

Decide to be successful no matter what life throws you.

And if you want to begin to train your mind to clear this stuff consider spending two days with Michael Stratford and I – you will not look at life the same again.


A personal invitation from Cora Whittington

I am really excited to invite you to an opportunity to help you become more masterful in your communication.

I know that the time frame is short and I also know that there are people seeking exactly what we are offering.  The perfect participant will know that this is what they need and want and the dates will be available to them.

Watch a short 3 minute video and get all the details on this site.  You will know whether this is the workshop for you.


Here is just some of what you will get for your ROI

  • Masterful questioning skills that get to the heart of the matter
  • The end to unproductive communication that wastes time and energy
  • A more harmonious and productive workplace where people actually seek feedback
  • Reduce interpersonal conflict
  • And you will be more calm, confident and patient in your leadership

Here is what you need to know

Date: Oct 28th and 29th 2010

Place: Golden Pathways Retreat and B&B Peterborough, ON

Time: 9:00 – 4:30

Special pricing available for groups


Why your blog should be the cornerstone of your online marketing

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A Blog is Far Easier to Edit than a Website.

Your blog should be the cornerstone of your marketing online.

It’s where your articles, videos, and thoughts should all be located. It’s where your customers should be able to find your products. It’s also where they should be connecting with you.

Before you do anything with your blog, you have to plan out what your goals are with it.

  • Do you want more customers?
  • Do you want to embrace the ones you have and build your relationship with them?
  • Do you want one blog or many?

Once your blog is up, you have to use it! The key to blogging is consistency. Make a decision about how many posts you’ll be putting up each week and stick to it. This will keep people coming back for more.

If someone comments on a post that you put up on your blog, respond to it.

This encourages others to interact with you and creates a deep relationship with your customers.

It’s great to have one blog, but cross linking a few of them is even better.

Use WordPress.com, Blogger, MySpace, Tumblr, or any other site to cross link all of your blogs to each other.

Remember that your audience just wants to know you. Use your blog to make it easy for them.

I have to be honest, I’ve been resistant to using by blog to the fullest – but now it is fun and easy once it is set up!

A Blog is Great Because:

  • You can let who you are come out sooner and faster, so that you can connect with prospects deeper and quicker.
  • Content can be dispersed faster to social networking, RSS readers, other websites that come to yours for content, and to those who subscribe to your blog.
  • You can easily publish content without needing a designer to create new pages.
  • Search engines will visit them more often and give them search engine kudos if they are update regularly.

Create a Plan

As you can imagine, it is far more effective to have a plan before you just start showing up all over the web.

In just 2 days we will be starting the http://www.onlinepresencemadeeasy.com program.

The very first session will be to create your very own online plan for your product or service.

There are still a couple of seats available so if you want to create an online plan and easily navigate it with a great group of people call me at 705-745-4006.

If you are not sure whether you have a business or idea that can be implemented on the web – call me for a free consult!

So Join Us:

Each week, you will bring your laptop and actually set up your blog, list building system, social marketing and automation.  You will set up everything except your website.  (There are plenty of experts to help you with that – although you will become clearer about your needs!)

Here are just some of people that have signed up and their reasons for doing so!

Retiring From Her Day Job

Karen Laws – is a very successful personal coach for people and their dogs. Visit Karen and her ‘graduates’ at www.ontarioelitedogs.ca. She is retiring from her day job in August and wants to develop teaching aids for her new project “Happy Dogs – Happy You”: www.meetup.com/Peterborough-Dog-Behaviour-Improvement/

Giving the Biggest Gift of All

Michelle Griepsma – is a Fertility Care Practitioner and will be setting up the online system for “Longing for a Baby”.  She has been helping couples who have had difficulties getting pregnant for the past 10 years. Her clients’ success stories are heart warming and give me goose bumps!  She will be starting her online presence from scratch.

Sending Her Virtual Assistant

Betty Johnston – is a very busy realtor www.bettysellshomes.net so she is sending her virtual assistant because she is doing the ongoing work.  Actually, I am offering a two for one.  Betty will be making the strategic and copy decisions and her assistant will do the work in the class! (Call me if you have a similar situation!)

Developing a New Service

Sylvia Davies – supports parents and individuals who are facing restricted diets due to health issues such as Chrohn’s and Celiac.  What are you supposed to do when you have to live without wheat, eggs sugar, soy and dairy?  Sylvia has tested recipes, shopping guides and support systems.  She is also writing a cookbook and will be developing the online part of this service from scratch!

Taking the Time to Do It

Kim Appleton – I know – she is a web and techie expert extraordinaire www.linkedin.com/in/kappleton So why is she taking this program? Her days and weekends are spent working for her web clients so she hasn’t been taking the time to set up her own personal coaching business.  (I think lots of us can identify with that!) Kim is an Entrepreneurial Success Coach.  She is a Certified Dream Coach and Sedona Method Coach/Practitioner and I am soooo excited to have her in the program!

As you can see – the sky is the limit for opportunities. Go to www.onlinepresencemadeeasy.com and learn how to get more customers and profits by using social marketing tools and have fun doing it!

What You Focus On Expands

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Recently I listened to an Abraham CD that suggested a very provocative exercise.  They suggested that you think of two people – one you like and one that you don’t.

Then for the person you like – find several aspects that you don’t like and then for the person you don’t like – find several aspects that you do like.

Abraham suggests that as you continue to do this it won’t be long before you will change how you feel about each person.

You will start to dislike the person you liked. And you will start to like the person you disliked.

Tonight, I listened to Alex Mandossian’s business webinar and he suggested that we focus on Strengthening Strengths. He gave a powerful example which we can translate to all aspects of our career or business.

He said that when he goes to a teacher interview for his children, he asks “What are my child’s strengths?” and talks about these things for 20 minutes. The other things are talked about later.

He said that over the years he has noticed that the teachers then start focusing on the child’s strengths and the child feels so much better about themselves and doing better in school.

I have been teaching this concept for years – I have called it “What You Focus On Expands” – you can click on the following link and see my version of a shift in focus that can change your interpersonal relationships in your family and at work!

What You Focus On Expands Video

Love to hear what you think!

With warmest wishes,


PS: I only recommend that you only use the part of Abraham’s exercise that finds positive aspects of people 🙂

Only 15 days to the launch of the Productivity Upgrade Teleseminar

“F” Stands for…

“F” is an interesting letter.  It is interesting how the poor letter has unintentionally become a symbol of so many things. Not all of them are positive.

While there are several possible articles on the letter “F” – let’s look at “Failure”.  For many of us, an “F” was not a good thing to receive in school, in work or in life.  We all have many examples where people in authority have pointed out our flaws and mistakes.  Just reading about this is probably bringing up some feelings and memories.

My biggest freedom in my life was when I shifted from “F” stands for Failure to “F” standing for Feedback.

Now when someone gives me “Feedback” even if it is rife with judgment or criticism I started looking for the nugget of truth, accept my responsibility for the nugget and automatically become more intentional of what I want. I ignore their delivery or their part in it.  I am not always successful right away but eventually when I shift to this approach, magical things happen.

But to be honest, I don’t get much of that old style criticism anymore.  What I do get is loving, sincere information that helps me get better.

Last week, I put out a video with a very powerful message but a poor delivery.  Part of me knew that and part of me just wanted to play with what would come up if I did something less than perfect.  There is so much that I haven’t done because I wanted it to be perfect. I tried to cover up myself with music and flying in letters.  And it didn’t work.

7  beautiful people sent me e-mails with lists of  suggestions for how I could do it better. And I sooooo appreciate that.  It is interesting to observe my internal response.  There was part of me that wanted to beat myself up for putting something out that was mediocre. Some old stuff was still there.  And there was part of me that was truly OK with it.  And there is a part of me that can’t wait to try some new ideas.

On the day that I did the first video, I created a second one.  It was my second go so I was definitely more animated and present.  I am still working on my recording and technical jitters and playing with different ways of presenting. I did however create it without the distracting music and fonts. (Thanks friends :))

Should I have posted the mediocre video – maybe not or maybe… it was the perfect thing to do.  Sometimes our “screw-ups” are perfect.  I have seen so many times in my life and clients when that less than perfect situation became perfect.  My coaching teachers Wendy Down, Michael Stratford, and Tom Stone taught me something very important. They told me that it was not up to me to judge whether something was right or wrong, good or bad, perfect or imperfect.

Sometimes it is the imperfections that teach us the most.

This video is going to be released in tomorrow’s blog – but you can watch it today if you are inspired! (see below)

Remember to register for the productivity upgrade teleseminar series where we will learn much more about all of this.


Wishing you a wondrous life,


WE Never Get It Done

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We all wish that something could be different or better in our lives. We can even – sometimes – imagine it in our mind’s eye.

But then something doesn’t go the way we had hoped and we hit the terror barrier and go scurrying back to our comfort zone.

Watch this video and understand why this is a normal experience. Actually, the big win is when we accept this phase as part of the process and move through it rather than back to our limited world.

This is a snippit of what you will learn in our 4 session teleseminar series


Are You Stuck in the Stone Age?

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Does your advertising and marketing work?

Or are you stuck in the Stone Age with old methods that are expensive, unreliable and even worse untrackable?

What this means is that you don’t know where all that money you are spending is going and whether it is working at all.

In the old days you could put up a website and maybe people will come. Build it and they will come!

Not anymore.  If you have a website you may have noticed that no one is showing up.

It doesn’t matter if you have a business or a website if no one can find you.

Right now there is a social marketing revolution going and it has become possible for you to put your products, services and websites in front of millions of targeted clients.

Welcome to the future!

Learn how to get more customers and profits by using social marketing tools.

I have been using Facebook, LinkedIn, Blogs, List Building and more to get f r e e publicity. It is awesome to go my Inbox and respond to a request for business. There are many simple and f r e e tools available with the click of a few buttons.

And you can reach targeted clients around the world 24 hours a day 7 days a week!

Learn how to get more customers and profits by specializing your product or service and using social marketing tools.

I have been coaching entrepreneurs one-on-one build their business and decided to run this program for a select group of serious entrepreneurs.  Are you being called to this next stage of your business expansion?

For more details about this unique approach and exciting business results go to:


Wishing you your best year ever!

Cora Whittington


Are You Asking For Testimonials?

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It is important to ask for testimonials to capture tangible  results and for yourself and your marketing.  Cathy gave me some great verbal feedback at the end of our 6-month coaching experience.  I asked her if she would put it in writing to share with others. Unless you ask, you may never know what effect your work or product has for people.  I just expected a line or two but appreciatively received the following:

One of the most intelligent financial investments
“I have been working with Cora for about 6 months, and I have to say it is without a doubt one of the most intelligent financial investments I have ever made.

I am an experienced coach and fully understand how many layers can be blocking us from doing the things we desire to accomplish and experience, yet I have still been quite amazed at all the issues that were in my way of taking my career and life where I want it to go.

Wow! The GREAT news is that every time I have worked with Cora, when we complete a session it feels like a HUGE relief to be free of previous constraints.

Cora has done an outstanding job of assisting me to untangle myself from webs of mental and emotional material. When I first started working with Cora, I was aware that I was projecting my mother onto her. I also felt like I could tell Cora and I am so glad I did because she was fine with it. She helped me to move through the ‘mom’ issues. That happened during the first three sessions and has never come up again. I can present anything to Cora and she is able to work effectively with me free of personal judgments or predisposed opinions. This has given me the safety and freedom to be genuine with her, and together we have moved me through soooo much that I am now free of.

My bottom line results are that I have finally started doing some of the things I so desperately desired to do and recognized that I was qualified and perfectly capable of doing, BUT I had been so stuck and disempowered by my ‘stuff’.

I am now opening up to my NATURAL ability to do these things.

It has been fun and inspiring, and feedback has been awesome!

I have recently completed my initial 6-month package with Cora, and I am going to continue working with her. Why? Because my results have been outstanding, and better yet I recognize I am barely opening to all that is possible for me. I want to keep right on going in behalf of my self and everyone!

ALL great coaches and leaders, have their own personal coaches. If you want to step into more of your own personal power and leadership qualities, Cora can definitely be an invaluable asset and partner with and for you upon your journey.

Abundant blessings to all who wish to discover what is possible.”

Cathy Cole, Transformation Coach at Innate Insight, Fort Collins, CO


Be sure to ask for testimonials.

Cora Whittington

Use Nature’s Metaphor to Answer Your Question

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You have been working hard.  Your mind is full of new concepts.  It may feel fuzzy or perhaps discombobulating.  It isn’t that you are opposed to anything.  It is just that you need something to help you pull it all together.

I  invite you to take  a walk outside.  You may walk by yourself or with a companion but I ask you to be silent and watchful.  Before you leave, silently ask a question that you are seeking an answer to. As you walk you will see nature all around you.  Nature speaks to us and helps us unscramble by offering us metaphors.

A metaphor is a symbolic representation of something.  Today you will look for a metaphor in nature (a leaf, or twig, or flower, or stone, or …. any of the million metaphors nature has to offer us).  The metaphor will represent a part or all of your process so far.

IF it is retrievable, bring it back with you.  If it isn’t (a tree or a wild orchid that shouldn’t be picked) create a mental picture and do a little sketch.

When you return,  share with us the metaphor.  You will note that we will all add to your explanation and we will all gain from everyone’s metaphor.  Metaphors help us go deeper, synthesize what we already know and gain wonderful insights.

Have fun!

Coach Cora

Are You Trying Too Hard?

During these last two days,  I had the privilege of working with Donna Messer and 12 amazing business women.  The purpose of the days was to become clear about our next phase or a new business idea and share networks and resources.  Donna is a walking encyclopaedia of resources.  Even though our heads hurt with the volume of information and action items it was a good experience.  This morning, one of the participants sent this note: “Awesome day… Slept like a baby, first time in months”.

For me, I have decided to create an on-line program and wanted a really cool name.  I have been noodling possibilities for a month or more and nothing gave me the goose bump results that I have been looking for.  I came up with lots for other people but couldn’t come up with my own.  I was getting frustrated and yet knew it would come. Donna said to me “You are trying too hard”.

That evening at dinner, it popped out of the conversation.  I am not going to tell you what it is until we officially launch it and I get the name registered etc.  The important key is that when I stopped trying to make it happen – it could come. 

The next morning two interest things happened.  I have a Nordic pole walking partner and we walk at 7 in the morning.  She wasn’t feeling well and cancelled the evening before. Normally this would be my excuse to sleep in.  But this time, I knew that I needed to get up and walk by myself.  I walked to the river and watched the mist, the enchanting sunrise and went into a Pure Awareness state as is my habit.  My daughter had put a number of high energy songs on my iPod and just at this time, while in the Pure Awareness state, Michael Jackson’s song “Children of the World” started playing.  It was magical.

Part of my process has been asking the question: What is the essence of what I do and how can I explain it? I got shivers and cried as Michael sang

Make the world a better place for you and for me

There is a love that cannot die

Stop existing and start living

Make a better world

I got it! The essence of my work is helping people stop existing and start living and then make the world a better place for themselves. It is only when they have made the world a better place for themselves that  they can make it a better place for others.  And each person has the power to do that but it is an inside job. So many of us, including Michael think that it is something outside of us that will make my world a better place – it’s not – it is an inside job!

I also got that if Michael had Core Dynamics Coaching – he wouldn’t have needed all the ways of numbing his pain or power.  WE are all one – Michael is just reflecting back to us how we are doing the same.  He did it in a big and dramatic way.  We are doing it in our own way, but I know in my heart of hearts that it doesn’t have to be that way for anyone. We all have the power to make our experience of our world meaningful and fulfilling. Some of us are carrying some beliefs, baggage and stories that this is not possible for them.  I don’t buy it.

After the Michael experience – which was odd on the day of the release of his movie, the first person that arrived walked in the door said “Cora … the title of my new workshop”.  (I know, I am watching too many dance reality shows but you will have to wait for the launch J) I was getting the confirmation that I needed.

This whole experience reminded me of something that Esther Hicks teaches.  She says that the energy of our questions and the energy of the answers are entirely different.  We ask our question from a place of lack or neediness.  We don’t get our answers when we are in this state. 

The answers come when we are receptive, open and calm and often when we are not looking for them. Stop trying so hard. It is important to ask our questions and change our state to receive our answers.  Because when we get our answers from knowing … nothing can stop us.

Thanks Universe for the reminder.

Cora Whittington

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